Why Frozen Foods Are a Better Alternative For Busy Moms

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Why Frozen Foods Are a Better Alternative For Busy Moms

People nowadays, including mothers, are constantly on the move due to a demanding work schedule and family obligations. Typically, one hand is used to navigate the vehicle, while the other is used to send messages on their mobile phone or type on their computer at work. Busy moms may not have time to prepare family meals. Frozen food and vegetables are the best backup option for busy moms.

Fortunately, processed frozen foods can help you cut more than half of your cooking time, leaving you with just enough time to prepare some healthy meals for yourself and your family. Freezing is a natural preservation method that does not require any additional preservatives. Freezing preserves all the essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Frozen food is thus a viable alternative to fresh food that is just as nutritious, especially if you have a hectic schedule.

Unlike fresh produce, which loses some nutrients during storage over time, the nutrients in ‘myints3minutes’ processed frozen products are locked in. In general, the nutrient content of frozen food is the same as that of fresh food. They can easily be a genuine substitute for fresh food, which requires more preparation and cooking time. It’s just as nutritious as fresh. Besides, after a long day at work, you need something simple to prepare that won’t add to your stress.

If you and your family want to eat a healthy, nutritious diet but don’t have time to cook fresh food, having processed frozen products, vegetables, and fruits in your freezer can be a great source of nutrients.

Some stats that confirm the upper hand of frozen foods in being a better alternative for busy moms/parents:
  • According to Elsevier, a study conducted by the University of Minnesota and Duke University discovered that frozen and processed meals are popular among consumers because they reduce the energy, time, and cooking skills required to prepare food.
  •  To save time, 57 percent of parents polled said they bought frozen meals. Almost half of those polled (49%) said their families enjoyed the meals, and nearly a third (33%) liked the fact that their children could help prepare them.
  •  Parents who work more hours per week are also more likely to buy prepackaged, processed meals, according to the researchers

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